Experience and Integrity

As a former insurance defense lawyer, I understand how the minds of insurance adjusters and defense lawyers work. I understand defense strategies. I am an experienced personal injury attorney, and I understand the only thing insurance companies and their army of lawyers fear is a jury of your peers. Therefore, they are counting primarily on one thing–that your lawyer is afraid or will be unprepared to take your case to trial.

The insurance companies know that unless they offer you a fair settlement I will take your case to trial or further, if necessary, to get you a fair result. They know this because for five years I took their cases to trial and won. Since I began representing injured people and business owners directly five years ago, I have collected millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for my clients. While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any case, any lawyer who promises to “keep you out of the courtroom” is promising to sell your case for less than it is worth.

As a former Marine, I have the toughness and dedication to take on this fight with you, and it will be a fight.

As a former nurse, I have a detailed, hands-on, understanding of what it means to be injured, what it takes to get better and the devastating impact of permanent injuries that even the best medical care cannot fix.

Because I spent most of my life working day to day with real, hard working people I can and will explain the law and your options to you in direct, clear and honest language you can understand. At the same time, because I graduated with honors as both a nurse and a lawyer, I can speak to your doctors and the opposing lawyers in language that lets them know that I have an uncommon understanding of both medicine and the law and that I am serious about getting my clients the best possible settlement.

When you come into my office for a consultation you will meet with me, not a paralegal or secretary. When you call, I will call you back. When the insurance company calls, I will deal with them directly. I will settle your case, not a “case manager” which is code for “not an attorney.” If you have a serious case you need serious representation, not a catchy jingle or a funny commercial. When you’re ready to get serious, I am ready to hear from you.